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I have been hailed a hero

(i don't think i am - just an ordinary person trying to muddle through complex challenges!)

My actions have been commended.

My choices have received praise.

Both from personal and professional sources.

Jesus' conviction stands eternally

as a symbol of love triumphing over evil.

Today, March 14th, my sentence complete

I wish to raise a memorial stone

in honour and in recognition of my conviction.

As a disciple of Jesus, it reflects his commission

for us all to resist evil, whatever the cost.

I, my family, my friends, my church

and so many members of the public

are proud of what I have done.

I, with the support of my loved ones,

and of families, whose children had been abused,

campaigned to stop a paedophile

having any further access to children.

I did this by writing alone,

on my blog, and to the authorities.

It is a cause of immense relief and peace that we succeeded.

The memorial stone I raise today

stands in testament

of what my conviction represents.

It creates a historical marker

to record for all time

that despite all the safeguarding structures in 2017

children still remain utterly vulnerable

to the predatory wiles of paedophiles

And those, like myself, who do their utmost

to save children from abuse, when all else has failed,

can be punished for doing so,

by our nation's flawed systems

This outrageous obliquity must be corrected.

I took a stand against evil.

It would have been

morally, religiously, socially and legally wrong

to have taken any other course of action.

I have, with God's gracious help, prevailed.

The truth has pronounced me innocent.

My family is now celebrating.

We have rid ourselves of the evil

with which our campaign has had to contend

in ensuring the paedophile could not harm any further children.

Because I chose to represent myself, we are not 

facing tens of thousands of pounds of legal costs.

We are going to celebrate for a year

A full year of happiness and new adventures

Thank you, from the bottom of all our hearts

to all those whose messages of love and support

have uplifted us and blessed us.

if you want to read a fuller version of the story - read on.......


I am not alone....



The Metropolitan Police issued a false and defamatory press release concerning my campaign to stop a paedophile, which they had to withdraw and quickly revise, although it is still defamatory and I have written asking for further revisions:

These are the correct facts that reporting restrictions and the restraining order allow me to disclose. As you read what has happened to me below, you will be in disbelief. But you may also come to realise quite what the public are up against, when trying to protect children.

The authorities and leading public figures do not appear to understand.

The most senior police child protection officer has recently said that those who view images of child abuse should not be prosecuted.

He claims it is because the police do not have the resources to cope with the numbers involved and are at saturation point. However, I suggest it is because their priorities represent a different agenda? The police and the CPS have declined to answer a freedom of information request to disclose how much money was spent on the investigation and the proceedings to try and stop my campaign to prevent a paedophile harming any further children. It has been estimated at hundreds of thousands of pounds.

It seems there is police money and resources to try and silence a good man from stopping a paedophile get access to children, but not to stop paedophiles viewing images of child abuse.

Meanwhile the Anglican Bishop Richard Chartres's diocese is under fire for a child sex abuse 'cover-up' with the child protection officer of the diocese refusing to give evidence in court about the abuse.

The Daily Mail reported: Judge Philip Katz lambasted the ‘utterly incompetent failure’ of ‘arrogant’ church leaders to protect young girls – and accused them of a cover-up. He said the diocese was ‘stone deaf’ to complaints from the victims and some of its leaders ‘seemed to be worried about the reputational damage to the diocese’.

The following will alert you to just how vulnerable our children remain, not just from the paedophiles, but from those in authority who fail to stop them and who instead act to silence the voices of 'ordinary citizens' like myself, who doing their public duty, protest and act to save the little ones.

So this is my story....

I knew a paedophile had abused more than several children.

Over the last two years, I have been involved in a campaign to ensure the paedophile was given no more access to children.

(I have lodged my application now for permission to appeal and the Court of Appeal has acknowledged receipt of it.


The context was complex and I had to take considerable risks, along with families of children, who had been abused by him, to achieve this.

Legal action was taken against me to stop me. Reporting restrictions and a restraining order were put in place, preventing any information about the case being known and preventing me continuing my campaign.

So far I have been arrested four times, spent four days and three nights in police cells, been interviewed for 13 hours and threatened with prison.

I was charged originally with harassment and convicted at Bexley Magistrates Court in December 2015 and completed a 140 hour community hour sentence. I appealed immediately and my conviction for harassment was finally quashed, after a year of many court appearances, on appeal, at Woolwich Crown Court in December 2016 and the restraining order was lifted. It is therefore important to be clear, that the police report suggesting that I have been convicted of harassment is false.

However, during 2016, I felt I had no option but to blog, trying to keep within the restraining order, to try and stop the paedophile.

I have liaised throughout with the LADO structures, with the police investigating the paedophile and with the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse as well as with the families of children who the paedophile has abused.

My blogging succeeded in raising the necessary awareness and created a network between the victims and empowered many to put concerted pressure on the authorities.  The result was that we achieved our critical aim of ensuring the paedophile did not have access to children anymore.

I was convicted on February 13th at Woolwich of four counts of breaching the restraining order imposed upon me in 2015, but subsequently lifted in 2016. The jury found it hard to reach a majority verdict but after 2 hours and 44 minutes, reached a 10-2 majority verdict.

In December, I wrote to the Truth Project of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse about the danger of reporting restrictions and restraining orders being used to obstruct those struggling to protect children from abuse.

The safety of children is of paramount importance to me. I have spent a lifetime working with children, and raise money every year for Save the Children, through our Christmas Lights, and I feel aggrieved that in taking action to protect them, I have fallen foul of the law, without ever wanting to do so.

In time, I hope I will be vindicated and the truth will out.

This has been traumatic for me and for my family, as the emotional cost of taking this action has been high.

However, I am proud of what I have done and my family are proud of me.

Contrary to what D.C. Brown originally posted, I did not appoint myself to be an Archbishop, I was elected as Archbishop by the members of the Open Episcopal Church in 2006.

My church are also proud of me and to show this,  I print some of their messages of support at the end of this press release.

Jesus was crucified a common criminal for his ministry and beliefs and it is part of the Christian tradition to be prepared to suffer injustice in the pursuit of the good.

Because of the restraining order and because of the reporting restrictions I am not prepared to give interviews about this matter or provide any further details.

Archbishop Jonathan Blake

A selection of the messages I have received from priests around the country:

You brave, courageous and wonderful man.

To stand up for the truth in the face of suppression and oppression

is truly an act of a pure heart. 


You have my fullest support always. God works through men like you. Keep up the good work!


Not only do you have my FULL support and FAITH in your actions, I’m confident that you have the support and faith of all in the OEC.

I cannot imagine what you, your family and the other families have gone through and are going through, fortunately most of us are not exposed to this horror.

Thank God there are brave enough people around like you to take action against atrocious people.


It has taken a lot for you to put this to paper and a lot personally to follow 'the courage of your convictions' no matter what the cost.

You are in my heart as always.


Want to assure you of our fullest support this end. Will be keeping you and your family in our prayers and if there is anything you need or anything you think we can do to help then, please, do not hesitate to ask. 


What an absolute nightmare that you were left with no choice but to put yourselves on the line in this way to safeguard the children. Thank you for your bravery and for all those nights of loss of sleep.  There is no doubt that you are being the best and most caring of Bishops and know that you will always shine a light of righteousness to an unjust situation. But It is unbelievable  that you have been targeted for protecting children from danger and are  being sanctioned for daring  to share truths about real circumstances.  And outrageous that you are having to be restrained in so many ways for exposing the ongoing abuse; the frustration and pain at this unfair system is unbearable.


 I am so sorry that you  and Annette and the family have had to go through this awful ordeal in the pursuit of justice for the safeguarding of children. You unquestionably have my full support and I am sure the support of all our sisters and brothers in the OEC. 

I feel that most of us would not be brave enough to have taken the stance you have in face of all the opposition you have received but I am sure that in time the truth will come out and you  will be proved to have been right in taking the action you did. Until that time you must take comfort in the fact that you can hold your head up high knowing that what you have done is right and justified.

         I am proud to be part of a church that has you as our Archbishop . You are and always have been the most honourable, kind and caring person and we could not have a better person to lead us and I would not want anyone else to do so..


It is absolutely right that you should speak out against child abuse and identify the perpetrators. There have been too many cases where institutions have hidden abuse cases and they are now coming to light, not just churches but a variety of organisations.  It is secrecy that perpetuates such abuse. If people do not speak out then the abuse continues. Well done for speaking out for those who cannot speak for themselves.

I am sorry that you and Annette have suffered because of your belief of what is true and right.  Be uplifted that you have saved others from further abuse. Therefore your efforts have not been in vain. 

The institutions of GB are shown to be centres of abuse  now and historically and the time has come to uncover and speak out. This allows victims to be empowered and to understand that they are blameless. 

So dear Jonathan I applaud you for your bravery, your courage and sense of righteousness. As ever you have my support and love in Christ 


Others have sent me supportive messages also. 

I just wanted to send you an email as I saw the newspaper article and have since seen your side of the story straight afterwards and the fact that the police have since withdrawn. 
It sounds like you have been through absolute hell and I'm so sorry that sometimes the good we do, causes us pain. Only know that God sees the good in you and all that you tried to do and it will never go unnoticed by spirit.
Although it must be so hard, try and move on from this and continue to be the kind and courageous man that you are.


What a joke. The justice system have this wrong. I've known Jonathan for years and he is a kind and caring person. He opens his home to anyone. I truly consider Jonathan Blake to be one of the kindest person' s I know. His 3 boys are lucky to have him as their father. I consider it a privilege to know Jonathan Blake.


Thank you for being brave for these poor abused children . Be proud. I know you always speak out where others would rather bury things.


I’m so sorry to hear that you have had to go through this ordeal in order to bring justice and protect vulnerable children, sending you a great big hug and my hope that this will all come right in the end.


A family for whom I am taking a Baptism, on reading about this wrote to me:

Jonathan we are thrilled to have you - keep up the good work x


I just need you to know I admire your courage and you have my support without a doubt.


As always I thank you for all that you do, and you can be assured that my trust in your work is as strong as ever.


This doesn't have any bearing on our decision to have you lead our wedding service.

You have only tried to fight for justice for those unable to defend themselves, and I'm sure most people would applaud that, even if the law does not.


Such a brave action, be proud, sending you love x


I would still love you to do our wedding, hope the stress becomes a distant memory soon x


We would still love for you to be involved in our service, we can only admire what you have done and what you have been through.


I am so sorry to hear of all the heartache you and your family have been through.  To be falsely accused is unbearable and a lesser person would have been on their knees by now.   There is always a cost to standing up - sadly the cost is often weighed up against standing up which often leads to things not being addressed. You can surely hold your head up - but the cost to your well-being and your family should not be underestimated by the rest of us. I am only too well aware of such costs.Know you are held closely in prayer, thought and high regard.


I had indeed seen some media reports and was of course shocked to see your good name associated with restraining orders and such like! And I of course assumed this must of all come with good reason.

Having read with interest your account and seen the subsequent media and police ‘backtracking’ etc. I just wanted to assure you that you have my full backing here and I wanted to say that my feelings are that of admiration but not surprise that you should have put yourself in a such a position to help others!

I would like to think that if faced with a similar scenario myself I would act the in the same way to protect the interests of children but whether I would be able to display the same level of bravery, when faced with the personal consequences that potentially this could bring, is another matter indeed!  

I do hope things are OK with you and your family? And l look forward to working with you again soon. The feedback, thanks and good wishes I receive from families about you, is testament to you and the excellent level of service you provide, and more importantly the care that you give to those you help through such difficult times.


I did see the article but we are still more than happy for you to do our service, there will be no embarrassment at all for us, or our guests, so please, yes, we still want you.


We are so sorry that this has been happening in your life. We absolutely want you to be apart of our day, that has in no way changed. 


Oh God bless you. Truth always conquers Jonathan. Well done for doing the right thing. Frankly the police thing appalls me. You have a friend in me in this struggle. Take comfort in the fact that in the court of God you have done justice to yourself for doing the right thing.
That is the most important court for all of us in the end.


The original Police Press Release was this:

 http://news.met.police.uk/news/man-found-guilty-of-harassment-220435 -

which they changed to

The Evening Standard had run also with the false details the police first issued and I had put them on warning of a claim for defamation - they corrected parts of the article.

I also placed the News Shopper on notice of defamation proceedings for their defamatory article at:

They amended the article, in resolution of the matter, and carried a correction also at:


I wrote to the Daily Mail asking for certain corrections to avoid a claim for defamation. They altered parts of their article. I complained again, and they agreed to alter more. I have written again as some changes still need to be made.

I wrote to the Sun and they have altered parts of the article though changes still need to be made.


. The Thread of defamatory comments that were spawned through the media, originated with the erroneous police press release that they had to withdraw and revise. I will be pursuing the police for damages for this.

There were only two regional media outlets that ran a hard print copy of the story and only one of those was defamatory. They have since amended their copy. I am maintaining the pressure on all the media groups that are still responsible for defamatory material and have issued them with formal letters of claim in my pursuit of them to have their falsehoods corrected.

What is chilling, is that the media and the authorities, while knowing about my campaign to stop the paedophile, have not provided me with the support that is vital to encourage others, to be willing to do all that is necessary, within the law, to protect vulnerable children from abuse.

This is perverse, given the Daily Mail's report that it was the media who managed to expose the child abuse cover up in the Diocese of London. There are many examples, Savile and Rotherham included, where the tenacity of individuals succeeded where the authorities had failed.  Having chided the media for their lack of support, it may well be, that their choice not to run with hard print copy exposes of the police version indicated they could smell a rat. Hopefully they may even now be investigating the corruption involved.

The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse began its first public hearing  on 27.2.17 about historic child abuse. However, our society today is still not equipped and ready to ensure our children are kept safe and those who try, like myself, to do something about it, are left  dangerously isolated and are made to pay a high price, for their work for the public good and in the public interest. I hope, in time, this will change and I hope that my ordeal will demonstrate the problems that still exist and that need to be overcome in the management and protection of those involved in stopping paedophiles gaining access to children.

My submission to the Truth project and to the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse, will I hope, prompt the necessary legislative and safeguarding changes, that are necessary to reform and improve the present structures. Any help that you, as a member of the public, can give to that end, would be significant and would help build a groundswell of pressure upon the authorities to act.

It is only when people become aware, just how vulnerable our children still are to be being abused, because of the prevarication and ulterior motives of adults, that they will be galvanised into action. 

A crystal clear example of this is as follows:

If I am worried now that a child is at risk from a paedophile or is being abused by a paedophile, the government's advice is that I should contact the children's social care team of my local council and share my concerns.



the restraining order prohibits me doing this.

 Does this make sense? No. 

Is it justice? No.

 Does it put children first? No. 

Is it right? No. 

A paedophile has been prevented from having access to children, because I refused to be silenced.

I and my family have been through hell though to achieve this. I cannot risk breaching the restraining order again, so that is why it is so essential that you, the public, step up to the mark, and continue the campaign for their protection, while I await the outcome of my appeal.

 The future safety of our children, depends on you.



Marie Collins has quit the Vatican's child protection body. She said, the Guardian reports,  that, the church’s most senior clerics continue to put “other concerns” before the safety of children and vulnerable adults.

“I find it impossible to listen to public statements about the deep concern in the church for the care of those whose lives have been blighted by abuse, yet to watch privately as a congregation in the Vatican refuses to even acknowledge their letters.”



She added: “It is a reflection of how this whole abuse crisis in the church has been handled: with fine words in public and contrary actions behind closed doors.”


Sammy Woodhouse has "waived her right to anonymity to highlight the failings of the authorities."



GAGGING ORDERS are being used increasingly frequently by the courts and by public institutions, in a way that undermines democracy, removes freedom of speech and conceals corruption, malpractice and abuse.


A child has been locked up for 23 hours a day for up to 6 months, in a London prison, but we can't know many details because there are reporting restrictions. 


Perversely, whereas the reporting restrictions are meant to 'protect' the child, in this case, they are actually protecting those abusing the child.











WNOW is concerned about the shocking cover up underway by the police, using 'Excited Delirium' as a method to conceal the abuse and murder of detainees.


The August riots

WNOW wishes to clarify that it finds all violence cause for the greatest concern and the highest scrutiny. Violence against the police is as abhorrent as violence from the police.

It is because the use of force/violence is such a vexed matter, that when it is sanctioned by the state it must be monitored meticulously and in the manner our campaign indicates, with continual audio and visual recording.

Force/violence is a potent and corrupting experience for all involved and it has grave and lasting consequences.

WNOW upholds the dignity of all people and their right not to suffer violence and their responsibility not to inflict violence.




Middlesex uni students are inviting all those horrified by the police violence experienced on yesterday's student protest to join them in a solidarity vigil at 3.30pm TODAY outside Charing Cross hospital where student Alfie is being treated having narrowly missed being murdered by police batons at yesterday's protest. Send messages of support for Alfie to +447870215764 Press: 07870215764

Some background from the United Campaign Against Police Violence website:

Last night’s student protest against the trebling in tuition fees has been characterised in the media as unprovoked mindless violence. But the main violence to be seen came not from the students carrying placard sticks or overturning litter bins. After all, shattered glass can be replaced--shattered futures can't.

The real violence came from the police force, seen to use horses to charge at dense crowds of people, beat protesters unconscious and even get caught on film pulling a student from his wheelchair.

One protester, Alfie Meadows, was beaten as he tried to leave the area. He fell unconscious and underwent a three hour operation for bleeding on the brain. Others report that police refused to allow another unconscious protester out of the kettle to receive medical help.

As one anonymous protester reported to the Guardian, “I was outside the kettle in Parliament Square yesterday watching as riot police fought with protesters and then split like the Red Sea to allow two charges of police on horseback into the crowd. It was absolutely horrific to witness. These are dispersal tactics used on the continent but the Met are using it against people who have nowhere to run because they are kettled. The horses charged at high speed and from where I was they seemed to end up wading through the protesters. It’s a miracle that no-one was seriously injured, or even killed.”

This was not simply the case of police responding to violence and disorder. Before the protest had even begun, Scotland Yard was already straining at the bit for a fight, using inflammatory language unseen since the G20 protests in 2009 which saw the death of Ian Tomlinson.

Habib Ullah Inquest 6th December to 15th December 2010

Habib's inquest will be held on 6th December to 15th December 2010 @ the Evreham Centre, Iver near Slough. We are looking for support for this in 2 key ways:

1) Attend the inquest and pledge your support to come to one sitting -
most days there will be a morning & afternoon session. Come and
support the family & the campaign.

2) If you cannot attend please put a message of support up on the
Facebook page or on the website.

We are looking to arrange transport from Wycombe to Iver each day and Evreham Centre is 5 minutes by taxi from Iver or Langley train station or 10 minutes from Slough BR.

After two and a half years Habib's family have a chance to have some questions answered about he died and for police officers to be cross examined and for witnesses to give evidence. We don't hold too much hope but we are committed to ensuring that we use all the legal channels that are available to the family.

Please come & support if you are interested in how the legal system works (or doesn't in some cases) and to show your solidarity with the family.

One love


PS Give me a ring on 07766464358 or Zia on 07869360377 or email us:
justiceforpaps@aim.com for more details or just inbox

Time 30 October · 12:00 - 16:00



Silent Procession along Whitehall followed by Noisy Protest at Downing Street!
Further info: contact United Families & Friends Campaign:




The situation in this country has reached a critical position with confidence in the police at an all time low. The system of policing, police accountability and the IPCC all need radical reform.

Until then I urge any member of the public who has been assaulted by the police not to be fobbed off with a complaint process to the IPCC but to go directly to the Magistrates Court where they can lay the information of the assault against them and have the police officer tried in open court. 

The travesty of justice that has shamed our judicial system re Ian Tomlinson’s death is a powerful symbol. The IPCC takes over 6 months to investigate the complaint which conveniently for the police takes the case beyond the 6 month time boundary for bringing assault charges.

Members of the public must not delay. They must lay the information at Magistrates within the 6 month period, even if an IPCC investigation is ongoing.

If the Magistrates and the courts become aware of how widespread police violence is, then the movement for reform will gather momentum.

APRIL - Remember Ian Tomlinson this Thursday

United Campaign against Police Violence is backing a vigil called by Ian
Tomlinson Family Campaign to remember Ian this Thursday in the City of London.

Come to Cornhill, near Threadneedle Street, by Bank station in London and join
Ian's family, friends and campaigners from 10.45am.

Please bring flowers to lay where Ian died after being struck by a police
officer on 1 April last year.

We must make sure the media sees that we are all united in demanding justice for
Ian and his family.

Here is the Facebook group, please join up:

This was in the Guardian at the weekend, have a read for more background:
"Ian Tomlinson family waits for answers one year on from G20 protests
Widow says DPP has let her down over failure to decide whether to press charges"
- http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2010/mar/26/ian-tomlinson-g20-protests-anniversar

See you on Thursday,

Patrick Ward
United Campaign against Police Violence


The following recommendation under Rule 43 was put to the Coroner by the family of Mikey Powell’s legal representatives following the jury verdict on 18th December 2009 into his death in police custody.
(v) Recording within police vans 

The jury’s task in this inquest would have been made much easier had there been video and audio recording from within the police van of Mr Powell’s transportation from Wilton Street to Thornhill Road.  Such recording may well lead to the prevention of further deaths as officers would know – as with custody suite recording – that their movements were being captured, and it would lead to greater general transparency.  The Coroner was invited to make a Rule 43 recommendation in this regard. 

We would also refer to the ‘Four Finger Campaign’ which advocates that all officers are fitted with cameras which are running when ever they are in contact with a member of the public.
The recommedations can be viewed at :

www.whennooneswatching.org (WNOW) launched its national four finger campaign on June 1st last year outside Scotland Yard.

It encourages members of the public to make the four finger sign towards the police inviting them to reciprocate if they agree.
It asks:
1. That all police officers must have body-worn video/audio devices switched on while engaged with members of the public.

2. That all police vehicles must have video/audio devices switched on when carrying members of the public.

3.That all custody suites and cells must have video/audio devices switched on when members of the public are present.

4.That all video/audio device content that relates to members of the public must be made available to them on request. 

Bishop Jonathan Blake founded WNOW after his experience of police violence during his arrest last year on January 29th for photographing his children on the roof for a reading competition. He was later released without charge.

He has taken out a private prosecution for assault occasioning actual bodily harm and a summons has been issued to the police officer concerned for a January listing. 

0208 304 7605   07767687711

Candlelight vigil to remember Ian Tomlinson

Royal Exchange by Threadneedle Street, London, EC3V 3LL
Tuesday 1st December
6pm - 7.15pm

The United Campaign against Police Violence would like to encourage all our
supporters to come along to this vigil for Ian Tomlinson on Tuesday. It has been
called by the Ian Tomlinson Family Campaign.

It is important that we keep Ian’s memory alive and continue the fight for
justice, I hope as many people can come as possible.

Speakers include:
Ian’s family
Samantha Rigg David - Sean Rigg Justice & Change Campaign
Deborah Coles - INQUEST
John McDonnell MP

The Ian Tomlinson Family Campaign said:

"Ian died in tragic circumstances, an 'innocent passerby' trying to get home,
after a police assault at the G20 protests on April 1st 2009.Eight months on,
our family are preparing for our first Christmas without him and still waiting
for justice.

"We have been grateful for public support this year and would like an
opportunity to hold this public memorial gathering to remember Ian, with our
friends and supporters around us.We ask that those who attend please wear black
as a mark of respect and remember that this is peaceful event.

"PLEASE LET US KNOW IF YOU ARE COMING so we can estimate numbers and please send
messages of support - a number of these will be read out at the vigil.

"RSVP to iantomlinsonfamilycampaign@gmail.com"

office@againstpoliceviolence.org.uk - www.againstpoliceviolence.org.uk
Press: Patrick Ward 07894 49 7705


For most of us, Notting Hill Carnival represents the best of London life. It is
a celebration of diversity, multiculturalism and culture attracting 1.5 million
people from all around the world.

While the majority of us come to Carnival to enjoy taking part in Europe’s
largest street party, the Metropolitan Police see Carnival is something to be
controlled, curtailed and harassed.

This year’s Carnival will see 11,000 police officers on patrol. They will be
enforcing a curfew from 6.30pm and ensuring that sound levels don’t pass the
“agreed” 135 decibels. If the policing operation is anything like that of 2008,
it will also see hundreds of mainly black youths being stopped, contained and
searched indiscriminately as they make their way to the celebrations.

Most sinister of all, directing the policing operation will be Commander Bob
Broadhurst. He was in charge of policing during April’s protests against the G20
in the City of London, which saw hundreds harassed, beaten and arrested by the
police. This was also when we saw the death of Ian Tomlinson, who was struck by
a police baton and died minutes later, despite the fact he was not even a
protester but was simply making his way home. The fact that Commander Broadhurst
is now directing this operation is a scandal.

This year we have already seen raids of “known troublemakers” prior to Carnival,
and 150 letters hand-delivered by police to others commanding them not to
attend. Can you imagine if this happened in the run up to London’s New Year’s
Eve celebrations or the London Marathon?

The police seem to have a very different approach when the event involves the
Afro-Caribbean community. While Carnival is a celebration of people coming
together, it seems the police are more than willing to stoke racist divisions.

We believe that the Notting Hill Carnival should be a celebration – not a
heavy-handed police operation.



As the government drags its feet over the vital task of saving the planet from
environmental destruction, those who see the need for a radically different
approach to fighting climate change have once more been forced to take direct
action at the Camp for Climate Action.

But anyone who has been at the previous Climate Camps knows that while the
criminal actions of multinationals go unchallenged by the state, those who fight
against them are criminalised.

The recent publication of police log entries from the G20 protests against
environmental and financial crimes have exposed the level of police brutality
meted out. “I punched him in the jaw and he moved backwards,” wrote one officer,
while another hit protesters with “shield strikes both flat and angled” and
“open palm strikes…and fist strikes as well”.

A recent Christian Aid survey suggests that around half of the UK population
believe the police have been too aggressive in the policing of environmental
protests. In light of these revelations, we now see a police force tactically
confused, dodging a constant barrage of criticism.

Preparations for Climate Camp have reflected this. Much has been made of their
new “softly, softly” approach, which suggests less use of force, increased
communication with organisers, and, of course, their use of Twitter.

While the G20 protests were the tipping point for public opinion, it has built
up over time, from the kettling and harassment of those on Stop the War protests
over George W Bush’s visit to London last year and the invasion of Gaza to the
Kingsnorth power station protests.

The staggering increase of stop and search – 322 percent for black people and
277 percent for Asians – since 2007 adds to this contempt. The issue of deaths
in custody refuses to go away either, thanks to the continued fight for justice
by the families of people like Sean Rigg, who died at Brixton police station one
year ago, and Ian Tomlinson.

But the “community policing” of protests such as Climate Camp will not last
unless this pressure is kept up on the police.
This tactic is an exercise in damage limitation, not a change of heart, and
whether the police hit you with batons or not, they are still there to limit
resistance at events such as this, by whatever means necessary.

We must ensure that the pressure is kept on until we are ensured the fundamental
right to protest, to live without harassment, and win justice for those
brutalised by the baton-wielding strong arm of the state.

We should also recognise that the “softly, softly” approach seems selective. The
man behind the operation in the City of London on that fateful day the G20 came
to town, Commander Bob Broadhurst, is to direct the 11,000 police shifts at this
year's Notting Hill Carnival.

If the policing operation at Carnival is anything like that of 2008, it will
also see hundreds of mainly black youths being stopped, contained and searched
indiscriminately as they make their way to the celebration of diversity and

The United Campaign Against Police Violence (UCAPV) was formed in the wake of
the G20 violence to ensure the right to peaceful protest, the protection of
civil liberties, and to stop deaths at the hands of police – whether on
protests, in police stations, during “terror raids” or anywhere else.

UCAPV is an alliance of protest groups, trade unions, family justice campaigns,
political parties and many others. Working together we can hold the police to
account and push for reforms of British policing.


The Guardian has published the latest astonishing piece of evidence today into
the death of Sean Rigg at Brixton Police Station, one year ago today.

It makes public a recording of Suzanne Wallace, a chief inspector who was in
charge of the station, saying CCTV was working at the station and that
recordings had been seized, including in the metal cage outside the station
where Sean was imprisoned. This contradicts earlier claims by the Independent
Police Complaints Commission, which said that only CCTV footage from inside the
station was seized.

Join us to remember Sean and call for justice from 5.30pm tonight, at the
junction of Fairmount Road and Brixton Hill. Then on to rally at Brixton Police

No more lies. No justice, no peace.

office@againstpoliceviolence.org.uk - www.againstpoliceviolence.org.uk
Press: Patrick Ward 07894 49 7705

PRESS RELEASE - For immediate release

Friday 21 August

Friday 21 August - assemble 5.30pm Junction of Fairmount Road and Brixton Hill,
Brixton, London
Rally at Brixton Police Station, SW9 7DD – Candlelight vigil

On 21 August 2008, at approximately 7.30pm, Sean Rigg was arrested and
restrained by four Brixton police officers, placed in a van and driven to
Brixton police station. Within approximately one hour of being arrested, Sean, a
physically fit and healthy man, was dead.

Since Sean’s death, his family have campaigned tirelessly for justice. But their
commitment to seeing justice done has met with opposition from the supposedly
Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC), whose weak, flawed
investigation seems immensely biased towards the police.

The United Campaign Against Police Violence fully supports this evening of
remembrance, starting at the hostel at which Sean was staying to Brixton police
station. We must ensure that justice is done, and that there are no more deaths
in police custody.

No justice – no peace!

Samantha Rigg-David, Sean Rigg Justice and Change Campaign and sister of Sean
Rigg, said:

"Friday 21st August 2009 will be a year to the day since Sean died and we are
still fighting for answers, answers that make sense. We have called for a robust
and fair investigation, but still the IPCC continue to take the word, side and
perspective of the police.

“As a family it has been hard to grieve. Instead, we have had to campaign
tirelessly and ask some very hard questions and almost conduct our own
investigation into what happened to Sean on the night he died in Brixton police
station. Our questions only raise yet more questions and lead us into further

“We can only continue in our quest for justice and hope that all those
responsible for Sean's death, all those that failed him on that fateful day,
will be called to account. These needless deaths need to stop, the police need
to indeed work with us, the community, learn to treat us with the respect and
care that we deserve in truly working together for 'a safer London' , not one
where innocent people turn up 'dead' in the hands of the police."

office@againstpoliceviolence.org.uk - www.againstpoliceviolence.org.uk
Press: Patrick Ward 07894 49 7705

Police dog handler facing prosecution over deaths of two German Shepherds - WNOW comments: Humans - now animals.... noone is safe in the hands of the police of today.



WWW.WHENNOONESWATCHING.ORG call on the Media to draw attention to the four finger campaign. 

The death of Reece Staples in police custody last week and the inexcusable thuggery of the Nottinghamshire police yesterday in tasering and beating an unarmed man and pushing away concerned members of the public gives yet more examples that the police are out of control.

All police activity must be caught on camera.

 Inform  and empower the public to call for this safeguard.  Launch your own campaigns but protect us.


WWW.WHENNOONESWATCHING.ORG is horrified at the latest revelation of the dangers the public face from the police.

The Met police are now a public liability instilling fear into the innocent.

The Met harbours criminals, sadists, thugs and murderers.

We, the public demand protection.

We the public demand that:

1. That all police officers must have body-worn video devices switched on while engaged with members of the public.
2. That all police vehicles must have video devices switched on when carrying members of the public.
3.That all custody suites and cells must have video devices switched on when members of the public are present.
4.That all video device content that relates to members of the public must be made available to them on request.

Bishop Jonathan Blake
When No One's Watching.


Please send us details of your experiences when making this sign to the police and any dialogue you  have with them. For your own protection, we advise that preferably you should have  a recording device with you, audio being probably better at present than video because of the police mis-applying the terrorist legislation to outlaw videoing. It is important too that you make the police aware that any encounter and dialogue you have with them is being audio recorded.

Be calm and polite. Remember that these reforms will benefit the police as well as the public and so they offer you the chance of a positive sharing of views with the aim hopefully of winning over the police to offer their support.

A video of the launch is being prepared.



ON JUNE 1ST WNOW is launching a national campaign in which every citizen is invited to participate.

It is simple. 

We are asking people to hold the four fingers of their right hand high, palm facing out, with the thumb tucked across the palm, whenever they encounter the police. The gesture offers an invitation to the police to respond making the same sign back to indicate their agreement. 

The four fingers signify the four words, When No One’s Watching and the four aims of the WNOW campaign. 

These are:

1. That all police officers must have body-worn video devices switched on while engaged with members of the public.

2. That all police vehicles must have video devices switched on when carrying members of the public.

3.That all custody suites and cells must have video devices switched on when members of the public are present.

4.That all video device content that relates to members of the public must be made available to them on request. 

These aims seek to protect the public and the police by providing an independent evidential record upon which all involved can rely. 

The campaign is not based on an ‘us and them’ attitude, nor is it against the police, it is against violence and those patterns of behaviour and practices that undermine human dignity and human rights. However, as the police bear statutory power with inadequate monitoring, this poses a more potent threat to the public. 

Nevertheless the sign should not be used as an act of aggression. It is a symbol of that which would lead to the highest standards and the most positive relations between the public and the police. 

This campaign will be launched on June 1st at 4 p.m. outside Scotland Yard when a token number of the public including Bishop Jonathan Blake will make the sign together towards the Yard and will say the following together: 

When No One’s Watching: The police can strike and push Ian Tomlinson

When No One’s Watching: The police can beat Nicola Fisher

When No One’s Watching: The police can act violently

When No One’s Watching: The police can bully and intimidate

When No One’s Watching: The police can fabricate evidence

When No One’s Watching: The police can riddle Jean Charles de Menezes with bullets

When No One’s Watching: The police can get away with 2533 deaths over the last 40 years

When No One’s Watching: Among the aforementioned deaths, police violence have caused the following to die:  
Fred Tokunpur Akiyemi, Christopher Alder, Arthur Allison, Roger Allotey, James Ashley, Peter Austin, Noorjahan Begum, Mr Benmerabet, Derek Bennett, Ricky Bishop, Ziya Bitirim, Stephen Bogle, Nicholas Bramble, Derek Buchanan, Edwin Carr, Paul Coker, Simeon Collins, Joseph Crensil, Asif Dad, David ‘Duke’ Daley, George Bosie Davies, Brian Douglas , Wayne Douglas, Marlon Downes, Lee Duvall,

David Ewin, Michael Ferreira, Henry Floyd, Giles Freeman, Herbert Gabbidon, Ahmed El Gammal, Joy Gardner, Kevin Gately, Robin Goodenough, Ian Gordon, Leroy Gordon, Vincent Graham, Sponford Antonio Green, S. Singh Grewal, James Hall, Mark Harris, Tunay Hassan, Nenneh Jalloh, Cynthia Jarrett, Kebba ‘Dobe’ Jobe, Andrew Jordan, Nadeem Khan, Sultan Khan, Shiji Lapite, Franklyn Lee, Caiphas Lemard, Patrick Louis, Leon Marshall, Michael Dean Martin, Clinton McCurbin,
John McDonnell, Jason Oscar McPherson, Shohik Meah, Jean Charles de Menezes
John Mikkelson, Daniel Morgan, Joseph Nnalue , Richard O’Brien, Nicholas Ofusu
Frank Ogburu, Oscar Okoye, David Oluwale, Joseph Palombella , Mohammed Parkit
Vandana Patel, Leon Patterson, Matthew Paul, Blair Peach, Peter San Pedro, Mikey Powell, Oliver Pryce, Oakley Ramsey, Sean Rigg, Colin Roach, Azelle Rodney
Winston Rose, James Ruddock, Nuur Saeed , Ibrahima Sey, Lytton Shannon
John Shorthouse, Randhir Showpal, Changa Singh, Shkander Singh, Kwanele Siziba
Harry Stanley, Jamie Stewart, Roger Sylvester, Sarah Thomas, Fosta Errol ThompsonIan Tomlinson, Habib ‘Paps’ Ullah, Mark Ventour, Spencer Weston, Donovan Williams, Tyrone Wilson, Kwame Sasu Wiredu, Paul Yorke
When No One’s Watching: The police can steal 27 years of Sean Hodges life

When No One’s Watching: The police can kill Lexy Williams and another 150 members of the public in traffic accidents over the last 5 years

When No One’s Watching: The police can stitch up so many members of the public there isn’t time to name them all, but here’s a few, Stephen Johnston , Billy Allison, Stephen Miller, Yusef Abdullahi, Anthony Paris, Mark Barnsley, Peter Hakala, Robert Brown,

When No One’s Watching: The police can beat up a war hero, Mark Aspinall

When No One’s Watching child Joseph Scholes’s life was taken

When No One’s Watching child Adam Rickwood’s life was taken

When No One’s Watching child Gareth Price’s life was taken

When No One’s Watching child Sam Elphick’s life was taken

When No One’s Watching the police cause 9 road traffic accidents every day

When No One’s Watching the following suffered miscarriages of justice: Kevin Callan, Dave Wood, Adrian Maher, Graham Huckerby, Shay Power, Susan May, Andrew Pountley, Derek Christian, Steven Johnston and John Taft.

When No One’s Watching the police can throw their weight around

When No One’s Watching the police can tamper with evidence

When No One’s Watching the police can demean and degrade a person

When No One’s Watching the police can visit their prejudices upon the innocent

When No One’s Watching the police can hide their identity numbers

When No One’s Watching the police can act like thugs

When No One’s Watching the police can misuse their power

When No One’s Watching the police can act as judge and jury and treat a  detainee as guilty

When No One’s Watching: The police can deprive the detained their basic human rights.

When No One’s Watching: The police can deprive the detained, food and water.

When No One’s Watching: The police can contaminate food and liquids given to the detained.

When No One’s Watching: The police can deprive the detained of sleep, of the knowledge of time, of access to wash, of access to write, of access to communicate.

When No One’s Watching: The police can lie.

When No One’s Watching: The police can treat the families of the detained with contempt.

When No One’s Watching: The police can confuse the families of the detained with misinformation and lies.

When No One’s Watching: The police can misapply the law

When No One’s Watching: The police can take advantage of the vulnerable

When No One’s Watching: The police can do anything to anyone.



all police officers to have body-worn video devices switched on while engaged with members of the public.

And all police vehicles to have video devices switched on when carrying members of the public.

And all custody suites and cells to have video devices switched on when members of the public are present.

And all  video device content that relates to members of the public to be made available to them on request. 

We call upon all members of the public to join us in making the four finger sign at the police and we invite all members of the police to indicate their agreement to these proposals by making the four finger sign back.


In 2006 Plymouth Police Station, Devon and Cornwall Police ran a successful trial on the use of Body Worn Videos. As a result of that trial the Home Office, made available an amount of money for all 42 Police forces to enable each to conduct their own trial on the use of these cameras.

The Metropolitan Police are currently running a Body Worn Video trial at Bromley and Camden Boroughs. The cameras are worn by by both police officers and police community support officers.

HOWEVER the massive flaw in this trial is that the camera is switched on to capture evidence, as the officer considers appropriate. IT IS NOT CONTINUOUSLY FILMING. IT IS SWITCHED ON AT THE OFFICER'S DISCRETION.

So our money is being used not to protect us but to protect the police. The camera would not be switched on, rather switched off if the police decided to be corrupt or violent.

At the moment, under Section 30 of the Freedom of Information Act, the video evidence kept by the police is not available to the public because it is classified as exempt information. This is clearly disadvantageous to the public and undermines the right to the objective information upon which they can protect themselves.

PREVIOUS POST: According to data released under freedom of information law, the force with the highest number of police with convictions is the Metropolitan police with 274 serving officers. More than 1,000 police across the country have criminal records involving assault, burglary and dishonesty.


Bishop Blake has now submitted his complaint to the IPCC with copies to The Commissioner of the Metropolis and the Mayor of London. 

In it he accuses the police of false arrest, assault, injury, false imprisonment, mistreatment while in custody and attempting to pervert the course of justice. He also accuses the police of what he believes was the mistreatment that he witnessed of a black woman in custody. 

He calls for the dismissal and charging of two police officers.  Acting Police Sergeant Stapleton who he claims assaulted him and has attempted to pervert the course of justice and PC Anderson who he claims has attempted to pervert the course of justice. Both officers have submitted statements that Bishop Blake claims are inconsistent, contradictory, implausible and demonstrably false. He says that any police officer that is willing to lie to conceal or cover up their actions and jeopardise an innocent person poses a risk to the public and should  no longer remain in the police. 

He calls for a review of the arrest and detention procedures in Bexleyheath and countrywide and proposes that every officer having dealings with the public must have a web cam running recording events, to provide an independent and objective evidential record, in order to give protection to all parties. 

He has received support from hundreds of people across the country and from Australia, Germany, Russia, Italy and Denmark. Former police officers, a deputy head teacher, lecturers, a professor, community workers and lawyers have been among them as well as many who have had their own shocking stories to tell of police violence and malpractice.

 The web site www.whennooneswatching.org is becoming a window for the public into the abuses perpetrated by the police and will build momentum in society to help bring about reform.


The recent press coverage has prompted a mass of emails from members of the public indicating their support and giving their own accounts of problems thay have encountered with the police. Emails have come from around the world and from all walks of life.

Thank you to all those who have emailed. Every email will receive a reply but forgive there being some delay as I work through them all and collate appropriate information for the site.