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- Terry Allen

Terry Allen – Hostage of the State

My activities among people in prison and hurt by the system frequently render me deeply concerned regarding the profoundly dysfunctional nature of the “Justice” system in this country   Terry Allen’s case is one such example, in a recent letter placed in the public domain at his request, he told me –

          “In 1969 I burgled the Horncastle Garage and stole some money, I worked For the place and got questioned about the burglary but was never charged. 
         A while later I read in our local newspaper that a lad got sentenced to two years in prison for my crime. I wondered how on earth did he get convicted because obviously there couldn’t have been any evidence against him.”

     Subsequently Terry was arrested for another burglary and he confessed to the Horncastle Garage job telling the local police an innocent man had been imprisoned for his crime. Their reply –

          “You ever tell anyone what you have just told me and you will find yourself. So deep in shit you’ll never find your way out of it.”

       Terry was just seventeen years old at the time and he goes on to comment that   “Reading police force have been setting people up for some time.” This raises an issue that those protesting their innocence are always faced with, namely, the integrity of the police investigation. It takes hard work and stress to refer a case to the Criminal Cases Review Commission and even more of this before a case is before the courts. If someone is innocent of the matter over which they have been charged ,they may be sure there will be those in the system who are only too well aware of this. These will be people who know the system well, have the right contacts and can distort anything to suit their own ulterior motive. Often there is a reluctance to be critical of the police in anyway. Crucial to this, I personally feel, is the fact that police and other areas of the system can get away with far too much far too easily and they know it.

     At the moment Terry is confined to H.M.P. Coldingley having been found guilty on May 9th 1986 of the murder of his friend ,twenty six year old Anita Kirkwood  – his sentence was a life sentence with a sixteen year tariff.

      A friend discovered Anita’s body in her hallway at approximately 9 a.m. on 17th July1985. On the 18th of July, following the discovery of his girl friend in bed with another man, Terry attempted suicide and was found in a car by ambulance staff trying to end his life by carbon monoxide poisoning.[i]

      The ambulance men broke his two front teeth in order to insert an airway. In hospital Terry was attached to a life support machine for two days and received a complete blood transfusion as his blood was 76% contaminated with carbon monoxide poisoning.

      A week later police removed him from hospital. At this time the police were given twenty “sedatives” for Terry with instructions to give him two of these tablets each day. There were, then, no external injuries and Terry was questioned for two days.

Then when taken to HMP Winchester, Terry had a large burn hole in his right ankle and his left arm was bruised black and blue from wrist to shoulder. Also, when Terry was released from hospital, police were given, as we have noted, twenty sedatives yet he was handed over to Winchester prison with forty six sedatives, raising the question where did the additional sedatives come from and how many, if any, had he been given.                                            

Terry has told me he remembers neither his time in police custody or his alleged confession which he had not even seen before being committed to crown court in October 1985. Neither does he remember ever being declared fit to be detained and questioned.

In documents that I have seen, Terry argues that the judge misdirected the Jury and plans regarding an appeal are in hand. Terry’s case is another clear indication of the bullying and corruption that identify the British “justice” system. Terry has even named the person he knows to be actually responsible for Anita’s death.  In June 1986 he was visited in prison by police from Kidlington who confirmed his suspicions.

Terry was, at that time effectively declared innocent yet, the police told him they could do nothing as the case was closed and their hands were tied unless and until it was re-opened. Terry wrote to the home office who contacted the relevant police force only to be told that Terry had lied to them and that he was, in their view, guilty of Anita’s murder.

Terry was assured by his Q.C. that all needed witnesses would be called to court yet Terry states that no defence witnesses were called. The first witness called was Anita’s sister Marion. It transpired that the statement Marion was shown was not the one given to the police; Terry claimed she was telling the truth and his Q.C. knew this very well. Even his own defence team seemed to be complicit in taking Terry’s freedom from him.

      Terry argues that the entire case against him was manufactured by Reading Police and that are guilty of falsifying statements and forensic evidence, conspiracy to pervert the course of justice and perjury. Police have even gone to the length of superimposing Terry’s teeth marks on Anita’s left breast thereby linking his physical presence to Anita. Terry’s defence Q.C. Mr. Conti made no effort to question this sample of faked evidence.                                                      

This is a brief summary. I would ask concerned  people  to write to Terry expressing their concern he is at –

Terrence William Allen

A6119AD   A102

H.M.P. Coldingley




GU24  9EX

                                       George Coombs          

[i] According to an information leaflet from N.H.S. Direct around fifty people in the United kingdom die of Carbon Monoxide poisoning each year and many more are injured and adversely affected in some way. The gas has no taste or colour and could be inhaled without realizing it. Among symptoms, which can occur two or three days following initial inhalation are  headache, nausea, dizziness, difficulties with coordination, tiredness, confusion and memory impairment